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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Resolution for Affiliating the Waterfront Greens with the Greens for Democracy and Independence (GDI) Caucus

December 9, 2006

RESOLUTION of the Waterfront Greens
a branch of the Green Party of California
covering Northwestern Eureka, Samoa, Fairhaven and Indianola
Resolution on Affiliating the Waterfront Greens
with the Greens for Democracy and Independence (GDI) Caucus

Whereas, The election of delegates to the Green Party national nominating convention and other national gatherings must reflect the will of the membership, with all delegations based on the vote of the membership must be chosen through proportional representation; and,

Whereas, The Green Party should strive for proportional representation of elected officials on the national Coordinating Committee (CC), with the number of delegates a state has serving on the CC to be allotted in as representative a manner as possible to ensure the party has the support and cooperation of its members; and,

Whereas, The Green Party as a Party may work with, show respect for, and act together with members or elected officials from the corporate controlled parties on specific issues, however, this support must not include an endorsement of their candidates; and,

Whereas, The Green Party of Humboldt County has affiliated with the Greens for Democracy and Independence (GDI) Caucus, which is dedicated to achieving internal democracy in the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) and external independence from other parties and/or corporate influence. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens hereby affiliates itself with the "Greens for Democracy and Independence" Caucus formed by Greens loyal to grassroots movements within the Party. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call for the following reforms within the Green Party of California and the Green Party of the United States to bring them more into line with the Key Value of Grassroots Democracy:

1) Term limits of no more than four years for all Coordinating, Platform, Rules and Finance Committee members.

2) Involving all Green Party registrants/participants in opportunities for on-line polling for endorsements and positions.

3) More stringent requirements for the recognition of party organizations.

4) Closer cooperation with other minor parties in united front efforts against the two-party system.

5) Greater accountability methods for all party officials, including a more rapid recall process

For More information please visit us at

Waterfront Greens Resolution Supporting Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo

January 6, 2007

RESOLUTION of the Waterfront Greens

Resolution Supporting Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo

Whereas, Local art gallery Empire Squared has been joined in its Third Street building in recent months by Synapsis Gallery, a space for free expression by local artists, and by The Placebo, an all-ages music and performance venue, and,

Whereas, These programs provide a crucially needed space for young people to celebrate life and engage in creative endeavors free of undue commercial influences, drugs and alcohol, and,

Whereas, The Placebo has already had to move twice in recent years, first from Arcata and then from Manila, which deprived young people in those communities of this important resource and creative outlet, and

Whereas, None of these organizations have been involved in any criminal activities or any significant disturbance to their neighbors, especially when compared to the drug houses and other nuisances plaguing many residential neighborhoods in the Waterfront area of Eureka, and,

Whereas, The Eureka Fire Marshall recently ordered public performances at the Synapsis Gallery shut down until several fire code issues relating to disabled access and exit door designations were corrected, wit others suggesting that The Placebo and Empire Squared may soon suffer a similar fate, and,

Whereas, The Limited Industrial Zoning for the property allows activities substantially similar to that which are necessary for the creation of many forms of art, and,

Whereas, The Eureka Planning Commission is empowered under Sections 155-265 through 155-270 of the Zoning Ordinance to consider other uses that may be similar to those listed as permitted and to make a determination that these uses are similar and to authorize Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo to locate in this district, without going through the rigors of a Zoning Ordinance amendment, and,

Whereas, The generally run-down condition of this area and its dark, deserted nighttime streets can only be improved by these vital and needed programs locating in this area. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call upon the Planning Commission to consider making a determination that Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo are uses similar to those permitted in the Limited Industrial Zoning District and allow the continuing co-location of Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo at their present Third Street locale. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens offer their support, and urge other community members to support, whatever upgrades may be necessary to bring the Third Street facility up to fire code standards as soon as possible. Be it further

Resolved, The Historian of the Waterfront Greens shall transmit this resolution to Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared, The Placebo, Ink People Center for the Arts, the Eureka Fire Marshall, the Eureka Zoning Administrator, Eureka City Manager David Tyson, the Eureka Planning Commission, the Eureka Arts and Culture Commission, the Eureka City Council, Humboldt Arts Council, Keep Eureka Beautiful, Emerald Regional Greens and the media

Resolution to Establish Grassroots Democratic Control Over Public Access Media

January 6, 2007

RESOLUTION of the Waterfront Greens

Resolution to Establish Grassroots Democratic Control Over Public Access Media

Whereas, The platform for the Green Party of California "demands that everyone has a right to access of the various media for the free expression of their viewpoints," due to the fact that "access to information has profound consequences to our democracy," and,

Whereas, Public access channels for use by local governmental and educational institutions as well as directly by independent producers are mandated by law since the overwhelming passage of the federal Communications Act of 1984 by the U.S. Congress, and,

Whereas, Communities including Eureka have hosted public access stations supposedly available to all Humboldt County residents for over 15 years, the most prominent of which having been Arcata’s Channel 12, which until 1999 was under the auspices of a contract with the independent Arcata Community Access Television (ACAT) and featured a wide variety of local news, commentary and entertainment programs from over 50 independent local producers without fear, favor or censorship, and,

Whereas, Until 1999, the Board of Directors of ACAT was in compliance with state law and its own bylaws in ensuring the regular rotation of the membership of its Board of Directors through periodic elections, and

Whereas, In 1999 and 2000, a small group led by then-ACAT President Roland Yartzoff and closely aligned with City officials, local politicians and The Arcata Eye got rid of most local, independent producers and programming and destroyed the ability of ACAT to function, leading to the termination of its Channel 12 management contract with the City of Arcata, and,

Whereas, During his tenure as ACAT Station Manager, Rob Amerman, who was subsequently the HCTV Station Manager, admitted to illegally confiscating a broadcast tape from an independent producer instead of fulfilling the station’s contractual obligations to air a public access program, and committed numerous other violations of station rules in clipping shows, including their credits, moving shows unilaterally to different times, damaging broadcast tapes and censoring programming, and,

Whereas, The website of HCTV blatantly admitted that the station is not free of censorship following the hiring of the HCTV Station Manager, with the Channel 12 schedule dominated by satellite programing copied form other stations such as Free Speech Television and the Classic Arts Network, along with out-of-count religious programming as well as bulletin boards exclusionary of Green Party announcements, and,

Whereas, Despite promises of re-introducing democratic oversight and control of Channel 12, the HCTV Board of Convenors, organized under the auspices of the Humboldt Area Foundation, never held a membership meeting or called a fair and free election for a new Board of Directors that they always intended to appoint directly, nor did they address the governance of Eureka’s Channel 10 or the College of the Redwoods-administered Channel 8, and,

Whereas, Cox Communications, Inc., the former cable provider which hosted Channel 12 and administered Channel 10, concluded franchise renewal negotiations with Humboldt County and the cities of Arcata, Blue Lake, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna and Rio Dell, which included both franchise fees to local governments and direct assistance to public, education and government access to the cable system (including financial support and the construction of a permanent facility for public access channels at the company’s expense), and,

Whereas, With the purchase of the cable franchise from Cox Communications, Inc. by Sudden Link Communications, Inc. and the transfer of public access channels from HCTV to Access Humboldt, Greens and other concerned citizens have the opportunity to ensure true free speech and democracy on local cable access television. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens applaud the steps taken towards the creation of a somewhat independent Board of Directors of Access Humboldt and encourage an increase in the number of elected seats to form a Board majority in order to ensure true membership empowerment and grassroots democratic control. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens demand a fair, free and open election of the Board of Directors by any resident who wishes to join Access Humboldt, regardless of economic or other privilege. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call for the immediate implementation of policies to guarantee the complete political and journalistic freedom from censorship for public access programming that is essential to precluding prior restraint of free expression and ensuring that the diversity of viewpoints reflected includes Greens of every shade. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call for the revocation of all banishments previously placed upon any resident of Humboldt County who wishes to produce public access programming or otherwise contribute to the operation of Channel 12, whether these banishments were made by a government official or by a Channel 12 staff member or administrator, and to further establish formal and de minimis guidelines as to future disciplinary policies. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens ask Sudden Link Communications, Inc. to establish separate stations for Free Speech Television and the Classic Arts Network on the basic tier of service, and not to allow these stations to use Channel 12 cablecast time meant for local programming. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens ask the new Board of Directors of Access Humboldt, once the majority of Directors are subject to membership election, to amend their Bylaws (with the ratification of Access Humboldt members) to ensure elections that are open to free competition, meetings that are public, well-noticed and televised as well as station rules which do not overly restrict access to cablecast time, especially in regular time slots, for independent producers. Be it further

Resolved, The Historian of the Waterfront Greens shall transmit this resolution to the Emerald Regional Greens, the Coordinating Committee and Green Issues Working Group of the Green Party of California, the Access Humboldt Station Manager, the Access Humboldt Board of Directors, the Humboldt Area Foundation, the League of Women Voters, Sudden Link Communications, Inc., the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, the Arcata City Council, the Blue Lake City Council, the Eureka City Council, the Ferndale City Council, the Fortuna City Council, the Rio Dell City Council, the Trinidad City Council, the Federal Communications Commission and the media.

Eureka Waterfront Greens Resolution For Boycott

of the Waterfront Greens
Resolution Calling for a Boycott of All Coca-Cola Corporation Products

Whereas, Coca-Cola Corporation has bottling plants world-wide in many underdeveloped countries; and,

Whereas, Many of these plants are in countries ruled by autocratic regimes or governments that owe their existence to U.S. governmental support; and

Whereas, In Colombia, where Coke has a bottling plant, the U.S. government provides millions of dollars annually as well as military assistance to defeat insurgent forces, despite Columbia’s record as the most dangerous country in the world for trade unionists according to the U.S. State Department; and

Whereas, Union activists at the Coca-Cola plant have been assassinated by right-wing paramilitary groups, including the use of death squads to murder nine members of a national food and beverage workers union in Columbia; and

Whereas, Union activists in Colombia and throughout the world have called upon the international community to boycott Coca-Cola due to these grave violations of human rights; and

Whereas, The platform and values of the Green Party of California urge the careful use of each individual’s economic choices in order to support community and oppose injustice. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens joins hundreds of other civil society organizations in a complete boycott of Coca Cola Corporation, its subsidiaries, and every product which they produce. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens urges its membership and the greater Eureka community to withdraw their support of Coca Cola Corporation and its subsidiaries, and boycott their products. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens support the efforts of Green activist Martha Devine and others in their long-standing efforts to encourage social responsibility on the part of their cooperative store, the North Coast Co-Op, in labeling Coca Cola products and educating cooperative members. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens urge the North Coast Co-Op Board of Directors to allow members to vote on a ballot initiative to remove all Coca Cola products from their store. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call upon other local supermarkets to consider a similar labeling and education program for Coca-Cola products and to also consider a survey of their shoppers to determine public support for a removal of all Coca Cola products. Be it further

Resolved, The Historian shall transmit this resolution to the North Coast Co-Op Board of Directors, to the managers of all supermarkets in Humboldt County, to the Green Issues Working Group of the Green Party of California, to the Emerald Regional Greens and to all local media.

Eureka Waterfront Greens Resolution for Eureka City Repairs

Of the Waterfront Greens

Resolution Regarding Sidewalk and Storm Drain Repair

Whereas, The City of Eureka has scheduled a period of discussion regarding sidewalk repair needs; and,
Whereas, City officials have, in violation of the City Council’s own policy that Eureka shall be a "street-tree-lined city," perpetrated a policy of ripping out street trees, some of which have grown in place for over twenty years, the reason given that the sidewalks are being damaged by tree roots; and,
Whereas, City officials have thus far refused to consider the alternative of rebuilding sidewalks to incorporate additional space for tree growth, as well as for planter strips to increase the green space present in the city; and,
Whereas, Water runoff from local rainfall has been found to inundate neighborhoods in Eureka, causing sidewalk, street and property damage to local residences and businesses, and also presenting a public safety hazard to navigation by pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles, including the egress of schoolchildren to safely get to and from their homes; and,
Whereas, One of the primary causes of this inundation is the City of Eureka’s antiquated storm drain system, which fails to deliver adequate capacity for the amount of rainfall and runoff generated, especially in winter months and especially during periods of unusually high rainfall; and,
Whereas, Climate change affecting local weather patterns may further increase the environmental impact on the storm drain system, increasing the danger of flooding of local residences and businesses; and,
Whereas, Due to the backlog of storm water in insufficient storm drains which spill out onto streets, sidewalks and property parcels, contaminants from vehicles and other point-source pollution are built up in storm surge waters which eventually reach Humboldt Bay, exacerbating bay clean-up issues; and,
Whereas, Of particular concern is the storm drain system in the I Street and J Street neighborhood near the Eureka Women’s Club, Eureka High School and Cooper Gulch, where vast pools of water collect on J Street from Tenth Street to Sixteen Street, with repeated complaints to City officials by residential property owners having generated only inaction from Public Works; and,
Whereas, According to Public Works director such and such, there are over 9,000 water meters in the city which are potentially faulty, which may lead to the chronic overbilling of residents and businesses in the city for water and sewer services they have not used; and,
Whereas, The recent proposal to automate the water meter system may cover up the potential fraud which has taken place due to faulty billing and the negligence therein, despite repeated complaints regarding this system and regarding the attitude of public works officials towards these complaints; and,
Whereas, City officials have also perpetrated a policy of removing benches and bus shelters from local sidewalks, the reason given is that they are being used by homeless people to rest upon; and,
Whereas, These conditions undermine the City Council proclamation of Eureka as a "street-tree lined city," jeopardize the environment, impose an undue burden on local residents and businesses, violate social justice and undermine the confidence of residents in their public works department. Therefore be it
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens demand the alteration of the City of Eureka’s policy regarding the removal of street trees, and instead offering the alternative of reconstructing sidewalks to fit around street trees. Be it further
Resolved, The construction of all new sidewalks and rebuilding of damaged sidewalks shall incorporate tree wells and planter strips so that street trees can be planted and landscaping can be installed. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens urge analysis of Humboldt Bay environmental conditions to take into account storm water runoff conditions and to offer recommendations on habitat remediation. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens insist upon the restoration of all benches and bus shelters which have been removed in Eureka, as well as consideration of additional bench space throughout the city. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call upon the City of Eureka’s public works department and public safety officials to immediately remediate the buildup of stormwater in the I Street and J Street area. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens also urge city officials to conduct an overall study of the storm drain system to increase its capacity and remove threats to public health and safety. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens suggest the pruning and clean-up of the upper gully near the I Street and J Street neighborhood to improve its water retention capacity, remove non-native species and improve access to public property by Eureka residents. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens insist upon an independent audit of every water meter in the city to ensure precise measurement of water use to increase public confidence in the city’s system. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens also insist that any findings of overbilling in such a study shall immediately lead to refunds by the city of Eureka to the affected residents and businesses. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call for an independent investigation of the water meter system and the City’s electronic and paper records thereof to check for cases of overbilling. Be it further
Resolved, The Waterfront Greens offer their services for any local residents or businesses who wish to compare their water meter readings to their water bills. Be it further
Resolved, The Historian shall transmit this resolution to the Mayor and City Council of Eureka, City Manager David Tyson, City of Eureka Public Works Department, Humboldt Transit Authority and all local media.

January Eureeka Greens Meeting

Next Meeting Agenda
Saturday January 20, 2007 ~ 3:30-5:00pm
3-2-1 Coffee Shop (321 Third St, Eureka)

1. Introductions (5 min)

2. Agenda Review, Assign timekeeper (5 min)

3. Announcements (10 min)

4. Adoption of December Meeting Minutes (Kaitlin) (5min)

5. Treasurer’s Report (Heidi & Hannah) (5 min)

6. County Council Report (Jared) (10 min)

7. Election of New Vice-Chair (10 min)

8. Old Business

A. Eureka Greens Website (5 min)

B. Events (15 min)
*Valentine’s Day Outreach Posters (feedback on ideas presented by Yvonne, Hannah & Kaitlin)

*St. Patrick’s Day (assign a subcommittee to start working on this)

C. Outreach (5 min)
* Phonecalls (assign tasks)

9. New Business (15 min)

A. Admin
*Media committee (we need to assign a couple folks the authority to send press releases)

B. Issues

* Iraq War (Jared will contact Communities for Peace to see what they’re working on, he will give us a report, and we will discuss)

* Police Oversight (Aaron will contact Cop Watch group and Police Review Committee to see what they’re working on, he will give us a report, and we will discuss)

10. Set Next Meeting, Brainstorm Agenda Items (5 min)

Submitted by Heidi Calton (Chair) & Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (Secretary)

December Eureeka Greens Minutes

Meeting Minutes: December 16, 2006

Draft Minutes, to be approved January 20, 2007

Members Present: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (notes & co-facilitator), Jared Wilken (co-facilitator), Ed Light, Yvonne Doble, Hannah Clapsadle, David Cobb
Guests: Aaron Busald, Anthony Barondess (both Greens, but this is their first meeting)
Absent: Heidi Calton (is sick – feel better soon!), Xandra Manns

1. Announcements
• Ed brought a DVD on jet chem. trails to share with anyone who is interested. Anthony took it and will bring it back to pass on to others.
• Heidi asked Kaitlin to mention that we need a new Vice Chair. This will be on the January meeting agenda.

2. Adoption of November Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved with unanimous consensus.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Heidi asked Kaitlin to pass along that she hasn’t had a chance to move forward.

4. County Council Report
• Next meeting is this Tuesday (no County meeting since our last meeting). Jared will be bring our proposal/offer to help pay for the costs of sending a mailer to the Eureka Greens.
• County Greens are co-sponsoring Antonia Juhass with WILPF and Democracy Unlimited in January. Antonia is author of the Bush Agenda. January 7th & 8th. Sunday night at the Labor Temple, Monday night at the Westhaven Center for the Arts. David will call Anthony to remind him, everyone else will get on the email list by contacting Hannah to get the event announcement. Jared asked for help flyering, Aaron & David offered to help, Jared will contact them.

5. Old Business
• Update from Jared on David Giarrizzo’s blog: Jared called him to ask him to change the name of his blog, to avoid confusion of new Greens trying to get involved.
• Update from Kaitlin on Kaitlin called Xandra who is the owner of this site. Xandra said she needed to get the password from Charles Douglas and would email that to Kaitlin. She has not done that yet.
• Kaitlin created a new website for us at It is live! Feedback is welcome. Kaitlin will set up the officers with email addresses and check to see if we have enough email addresses allowed in our package to let other Eureka greens have emails.
• Valentine’s Day Posters: Yvonne & Hannah are interested in working on a poster for Valentine’s Day – publicity for the Green Party. Kaitlin offered to help. They will bring some prototypes to January meeting. We will offer to Greens in other parts of the County to put them up too. David offered to coordinate putting the flyers up.
• St Patrick’s Day event: We discussed whether it would be better to do it as a houseparty or a more public event. General consensus was excitement about an intimate mixer but in a public place, with a band. Most Greens are in Arcata, but we want to build visibility in Eureka, so either location would be OK. We’d like the focus to be a celebration for Greens who are already registered and those who aren’t yet, but who want to be. Jared will bring our ideas and proposal to the Humboldt Greens on Tuesday. Eureka Greens who want to work one this: Anthony, Jared, Aaron, David, Hannah, Kaitlin.

6. New Business – Outreach
• We will table at Eureka events when they come up (Shaye & Jared on the county committee that will do this)
• Phonecalls: Ideas is to make calls from home 2-3 evenings a week, calling a few Greens and talking to them to see what they would like to see the party do, what they are working on already, invite them to our meetings, general assembly and events. Idea to start on this in the new year and invite folks to the St. Paddy’s event. Other ideas – start with the Greens who worked on T & Gallegos campaigns, want to have a script & format in place before the calls start. Yvonne, Jared, Anthony, Aaron, Hannah have energy to help make these phone calls.
• Email Listserve: Hannah set up a topica listserve for the county. She will begin to send announcements about Eureka Greens meetings and direct folks to our website for agendas & minutes. We will look into whether our web package offers listserves. Ed offered to help with dataentry.

7. Ending the War Discussion
We also talked about actions being taken to end the war. We are excited about Dave Meserve’s idea for a ballot initiative in Arcata against military recruitment. We would like to see the Eureka Greens take some action on this in the future. (Noted that anniversary of the war is in March.)

8. Next Meeting: January, 20th, 1007, 3:30pm. 321 Coffee.

Brainstorm Agenda Items:
• Elect new Vice Chair
• Report backs on Old Business items (website, Valentine’s Day posters, St. Patrick’s event)
• Police oversight. Ideas for action. (Aaron will contact Cop Watch and Police Review Committee to see what they have going on to see how we can help. He will report at the next meeting and we will have discussion.)
• Iraq War Anniversary (Jared will check with Communities for Peace to see if they have anything planned that we can get involved with. He will report at next meeting and we will have discussion.)

Submitted by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Secretary

November Eureeka Greens Minutes

Meeting Minutes: November 18, 2006

Members present: Heidi Calton (facilitator), David Cobb, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (notes), Jared Wilken, Hannah Clapsadle
Guests & Observers: Ed Light

1. Announcements
• Humboldt Exchange Pancake Breakfast, Sunday 19th (10-noon), 1402 M Street (corner of 14th & M). Cost is $5 Community Currency.
• Heidi still has the items from the yard sale and would like help contacting and dropping off the items to a charity – David & Jared offered to help, Heidi will contact them.

2. Adoption of October Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved by unanimous consensus.
Hannah will show Kaitlin how to post the minutes to the county website.

3. Treasurer’s Report
• Kaitlin nominated Hannah to be the new Treasurer. Hannah was elected by unanimous consensus. Heidi will contact Xandra and work with Hannah to put her name on the bank account and take Xandra off as a signer.
• This month Heidi purchased a web domain $95.40.
• Total in the bank is $673.65 ($50 belongs to the County Greens, Heidi needs to make that change.)
• Jared suggested that we give some money to the county greens to help them do some mailings to get people involved, pay for copies etc.
• Heidi suggested we donate a percentage of our monthly balance to the county.
• Hannah pointed out that might take a lot of administrative work to do it every month, and we might not want to always give the county money.
• Kaitlin suggested that we pay for the Eureka portion of the county mailing, so long as they amount does not exceed $300. (If it is a lot less than $300 then we are willing to pay for up to $250 to cover the costs for other localities.) In order to do this we need the mailing to mention the dates, times, location of our meetings and give our website. Jared will report this to the county at their next meeting.
• Proposal approved by unanimous consensus.
• Heidi asked that we ask the people organizing the mailing how many people are in the Eureka Greens jurisdiction.

4. Old Business
A. Eureka Greens Website & Web Administrator:
• Last month we asked Heidi to contact David Giarrizzo and ask him to change the address of his blog so that it does not look like a Eureka Greens site. She was also going to ask him to give us the passwords and access to
• Heidi purchased last month.
• Jared will contact David Giarrizzo to tell him the above information and ask him to change the address of his blog.
• Kaitlin will contact James Stratton and Charles Douglas and get the password and web hosting information for
• We will make any posting part of the website open only to registered users, and it will be moderated.
• David nominated Kaitlin to administer and create a new website for us. Kaitlin was elected by unanimous consensus. Ed and Heidi are interested in helping.
• Things we’d like to have: register online, 10 key values, statement of intent, links from Heidi (why I switched), county, other locals, ca greens, national greens.

5. New Business
A. Future Fundraising & Outreach Ideas
• Kaitlin offered to make a poster with our 10-Key values and our meeting times to let people know when we’re meeting, include a voter registration appeal, contact information, she will make these for our meetings in 2007.
• We want to have another yard sale in the spring when the rain stops.
• We’d like to do something for St. Patrick’s Day, and we want to have the County greens take the lead on it and we can help, and encourage the Arcata Local to get involved too.
• What kind of event could we do for Valentine’s Day – Show Your Love for Democracy (Register Green), Show Your Love for the Earth (Register Green), Show Your Love for Peace (Register Green), etc.
• Heidi will invite Fhyre to join the County Greens fundraising event.
B. Voter Registration Ideas
The County greens are looking into this and Jared is working with Shaye to do it, he will pass on the information to us about the events in Eureka.

6. Set Next Meeting, Brainstorm Agenda Items
• Website progress report
• Treasurer’s progress report
• St. Paddy’s Day event planning
• Valentine’s Day Show Your Love Posters Brainstorm
• New business: outreach to already registered greens, email announcement list, phonebank

7. Next Meeting
Saturday, December 16th, 3:30pm at 321 Coffee.
Kaitlin will check in with them to make sure this isn’t a problem.
Everyone bring a friend next time!

Submitted by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Secretary
Approved December 16, 2006