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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

December Eureeka Greens Minutes

Meeting Minutes: December 16, 2006

Draft Minutes, to be approved January 20, 2007

Members Present: Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (notes & co-facilitator), Jared Wilken (co-facilitator), Ed Light, Yvonne Doble, Hannah Clapsadle, David Cobb
Guests: Aaron Busald, Anthony Barondess (both Greens, but this is their first meeting)
Absent: Heidi Calton (is sick – feel better soon!), Xandra Manns

1. Announcements
• Ed brought a DVD on jet chem. trails to share with anyone who is interested. Anthony took it and will bring it back to pass on to others.
• Heidi asked Kaitlin to mention that we need a new Vice Chair. This will be on the January meeting agenda.

2. Adoption of November Meeting Minutes
Minutes approved with unanimous consensus.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Heidi asked Kaitlin to pass along that she hasn’t had a chance to move forward.

4. County Council Report
• Next meeting is this Tuesday (no County meeting since our last meeting). Jared will be bring our proposal/offer to help pay for the costs of sending a mailer to the Eureka Greens.
• County Greens are co-sponsoring Antonia Juhass with WILPF and Democracy Unlimited in January. Antonia is author of the Bush Agenda. January 7th & 8th. Sunday night at the Labor Temple, Monday night at the Westhaven Center for the Arts. David will call Anthony to remind him, everyone else will get on the email list by contacting Hannah to get the event announcement. Jared asked for help flyering, Aaron & David offered to help, Jared will contact them.

5. Old Business
• Update from Jared on David Giarrizzo’s blog: Jared called him to ask him to change the name of his blog, to avoid confusion of new Greens trying to get involved.
• Update from Kaitlin on Kaitlin called Xandra who is the owner of this site. Xandra said she needed to get the password from Charles Douglas and would email that to Kaitlin. She has not done that yet.
• Kaitlin created a new website for us at It is live! Feedback is welcome. Kaitlin will set up the officers with email addresses and check to see if we have enough email addresses allowed in our package to let other Eureka greens have emails.
• Valentine’s Day Posters: Yvonne & Hannah are interested in working on a poster for Valentine’s Day – publicity for the Green Party. Kaitlin offered to help. They will bring some prototypes to January meeting. We will offer to Greens in other parts of the County to put them up too. David offered to coordinate putting the flyers up.
• St Patrick’s Day event: We discussed whether it would be better to do it as a houseparty or a more public event. General consensus was excitement about an intimate mixer but in a public place, with a band. Most Greens are in Arcata, but we want to build visibility in Eureka, so either location would be OK. We’d like the focus to be a celebration for Greens who are already registered and those who aren’t yet, but who want to be. Jared will bring our ideas and proposal to the Humboldt Greens on Tuesday. Eureka Greens who want to work one this: Anthony, Jared, Aaron, David, Hannah, Kaitlin.

6. New Business – Outreach
• We will table at Eureka events when they come up (Shaye & Jared on the county committee that will do this)
• Phonecalls: Ideas is to make calls from home 2-3 evenings a week, calling a few Greens and talking to them to see what they would like to see the party do, what they are working on already, invite them to our meetings, general assembly and events. Idea to start on this in the new year and invite folks to the St. Paddy’s event. Other ideas – start with the Greens who worked on T & Gallegos campaigns, want to have a script & format in place before the calls start. Yvonne, Jared, Anthony, Aaron, Hannah have energy to help make these phone calls.
• Email Listserve: Hannah set up a topica listserve for the county. She will begin to send announcements about Eureka Greens meetings and direct folks to our website for agendas & minutes. We will look into whether our web package offers listserves. Ed offered to help with dataentry.

7. Ending the War Discussion
We also talked about actions being taken to end the war. We are excited about Dave Meserve’s idea for a ballot initiative in Arcata against military recruitment. We would like to see the Eureka Greens take some action on this in the future. (Noted that anniversary of the war is in March.)

8. Next Meeting: January, 20th, 1007, 3:30pm. 321 Coffee.

Brainstorm Agenda Items:
• Elect new Vice Chair
• Report backs on Old Business items (website, Valentine’s Day posters, St. Patrick’s event)
• Police oversight. Ideas for action. (Aaron will contact Cop Watch and Police Review Committee to see what they have going on to see how we can help. He will report at the next meeting and we will have discussion.)
• Iraq War Anniversary (Jared will check with Communities for Peace to see if they have anything planned that we can get involved with. He will report at next meeting and we will have discussion.)

Submitted by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Secretary


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