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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Draft Minutes for July, Submitted for Your Approval

Draft Minutes July
Eureka Greens in Attendance:† Heidi Calton, David Cobb, Jared Wilken, Alice Woodworth, Hannah Clapsadle, Xandra Manns, David Giarrizzo

Guests/Observers: None

I. Announcements
1.Hannah went into Stuff and Things and complained about a shirt she felt was racist in the window, the owner was unreceptive
2.Still need tablers for Organic Planet, contact Shaye Harty from the County Greens. Tabling Committee will meet Thursday, August 24th at 4pm at Heidi’s house: 2804 Williams St. Bring food for potluck.

1.Kaitlin was unable to post the minutes to the website, she tried last weekend.
2.Hannah will add a section for the County website so we can post our agendas and minutes there.

1. Hannah Clapsadle needs to be included on minutes – she was there.
2. Minutes were approved by unanimous consensus.

1.Jared forgot to look into who is organizing this event. He will do this for next time and email everyone who was at this meeting.

a. .Kelly O’Brien $137 door, plus $210 silent auction items
b. Xandra and Heidi are working on opening a bank account. They need a Tax ID number and articles of incorporation.
c. Garage Sale: Sat. Sept 2nd, starts at 7am-6pm. Items should be brought to Heidi a few days before the sale. The event is at Heidi’s house 2804 Williams St (off Henderson – across from Crusader Field)

1. We’d like to invite candidates to our next meeting.
2.We will give each candidate 5 minutes to let us know why they are running and we will provide time for questions.

3. David Giarrizzo will contact Marshall Spaulding to invite him to our next meeting.
4. Kaitlin will contact Peter LaVallee to invite him to our next meeting.
5 .Hannah will invite Mary Beth Wolford and Larry Glass to our next meeting.
6. Xandra will contact Ron Kuhnel and Jeff Leonard to invite them to our next meeting.
7. Jared will contact Nancy Abrams & Mike Jones.
8. 4th District Supervisor – Bonnie Neely & Nancy Flemming, Heidi will invite them.
9. One question we want to ask them all – Do you support police review – would you vote to create a commission?

1. Wiki is too hard to work with. Xandra would like to go through each issue and take them one at a time. She will pull everything out and rebuild it on paper.

2. Proposal to form a subcommittee of Xandra, David G, Heidi to move the Legislative Agenda forward.

1. Xandra has petitions – deadline was missed for the Nov. ballot, option is still available for a special election.

2. Hannah suggested perhaps a “Citizen’s Cop Watch” instead of Police Review Commission.

3. Police Review Coalition is still collecting signatures to try for a special election. The deadline is in October. Xandra still has petitions, if people would like to help they should contact her. She will bring them to the next meeting.

4. Perhaps the better option would be to collect the signatures and bring them to the City Council to pressure them to vote for it without having to trigger a special election.

5. One idea – submit videos of police misconduct on cable access (this was David G’s idea).

NEXT MEETING is Wednesday, Sept 13th at 6:30pm at Heidi’s house. 3 story green house. (SCHEDULE CHANGE!)

1. Endorsements – candidates will be invited to this meeting
2. Voter Guide
3. Historian
4. Bylaw change to have the Chair and Secretary make the agenda together (Kaitlin will bring this proposal)
5. Finances & Fundraising


  • At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    July now? So where's August and September? Is Kaitlin too busy hectoring others about her perception of their responsibilities to get around to fulfilling her own?

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I. Announcements
    1.Hannah went into Stuff and Things and complained about a shirt she felt was racist in the window, the owner was unreceptive

    Are these the future leaders in training David Cobb keeps crowing about? Kaitlin can't get more specific than "stuff" and Hannah goes nonsequitur over a T-shirt? This sounds like something from an Odd Bodkins script.

  • At 4:17 PM, Blogger greeningeureka said…

    Stuff and Things? I believe I read that on a menue for some grease laden french fries. OOps. Sorrry, Freedom Fries. And T shirts in windows certainly seem to threaten the enviroment, right?

  • At 3:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    scary tshirts out there for some petty pc droid to get worked up over. cobbs magic like the force only works on the weak minded.

  • At 2:57 PM, Blogger greeningeureka said…

    Sounds like an episode of "King of the Hill". Theres material here just dying to be written.


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