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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Minutes Sept? Approved Oct?

Thursday, October 12 2006 @ 10:03 PM PDT

9/26/06 - Eureka Greens Minutes

Members Present: Heidi Calton (Facilitator), Xandra Manns, Jared Wilken, Hannah Clapsadle, David Cobb, David Giarrizzo, Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (Notes)

Guests & Observers: Mary Beth Wolford (Ward 1, City Council Candidate), Peter LaVallee (Eureka Mayor Candidate), Tish Wilburn (Ward 1, City Council Candidate), Ron Kuhnel (Ward 3, City Council Candidate), Andy Bird (Campaign Manager for Peter LaVallee), Larry Glass (Ward 1, City Council Candidate), Roxanna Taylor (Campaign Manager for Larry Glass), Noah Matthews, James “Jumbo” Nolan, Evan Utter, Monty Caid, Greta Mund, Charles Douglas

Mary Beth Wolford, Mary Beth Wolford, Tish Wilburn, Peter LaVallee, Larry Glass and Ron Kuhnel made presentations on their issues and interests.


David made the proposal that we endorse Peter LaVallee, Larry Glass, Ron Kuhnel, Nancy Abrams (unanimous consensus). Hannah will also email Nan Abrams to ask her the same questions that we asked the other candidates, just for our information.

All have commitment to the lower income neighborhoods and citizens who live there.

Support LaVallee in part because of his willingness to nominate Xandra to Planning Commission, openness to IRV, support of Police Review, and support for the environment.

Support for Ron Kuhnel in part because of his commitment to the environment, support for Council openness and accountability, commitment to address the pulp mill concerns, his dedication to this community and his leadership experience with the Planning Commission.

Support for Larry Glass in part because of his commitment to local businesses, support and leadership in support for the environment, neighborhood advocacy, commitment to address the pulp mill concerns, and his willingness to speak up for the public process and open government.

Big thanks to Xandra for inviting and recruiting all the candidates who came.


David Giarrizzo nominated James Nolan, he declined the nomination. James Nolan nominated Monty Caid, he declined the nomination because he hasn’t been very involved yet and wants to learn more first. Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap nominated Jared Wilken. (with unanimous consensus he was appointed)

4. UPCOMING FUNDRAISER: Yard Sale, October 7th (7am-sundown)
Kaitlin & David will be out of town but they offered their house for storage and have tables they can make available, Hannah will be able to help collect items (442-5109). Xandra can volunteer on Saturday. Jared can help, but he has a workshop that day and doesn’t know the time yet, he will let Heidi know. Heidi will call KMUD for an announcement. Heidi will send an announcement to the Eureka Reporter & the Tri-City Weekly. Xandra and Heidi opened a bank account for the Eureka Greens at Umpqua Bank.

Evan Utter (of the bank Lovely Silly Delusions) would be willing to play a benefit at the Red Fox Tavern. Xandra and Monty know Evan and can work on this, Evan has most of it already figured out so he’s just going to run with it. They will let us know the date, sometime mid-October.

For next meeting:
• Historian Bylaws change
• Nominations for new webmaster
• Bylaw change to add Secretary to help Chair make agendas
• Voter guide
• How are we going to spend our money?
• Approve minutes from Aug and Sept

Submitted by Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, Secretary
Approved October 14, 2006


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