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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Waterfront Greens Resolution Supporting Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo

January 6, 2007

RESOLUTION of the Waterfront Greens

Resolution Supporting Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo

Whereas, Local art gallery Empire Squared has been joined in its Third Street building in recent months by Synapsis Gallery, a space for free expression by local artists, and by The Placebo, an all-ages music and performance venue, and,

Whereas, These programs provide a crucially needed space for young people to celebrate life and engage in creative endeavors free of undue commercial influences, drugs and alcohol, and,

Whereas, The Placebo has already had to move twice in recent years, first from Arcata and then from Manila, which deprived young people in those communities of this important resource and creative outlet, and

Whereas, None of these organizations have been involved in any criminal activities or any significant disturbance to their neighbors, especially when compared to the drug houses and other nuisances plaguing many residential neighborhoods in the Waterfront area of Eureka, and,

Whereas, The Eureka Fire Marshall recently ordered public performances at the Synapsis Gallery shut down until several fire code issues relating to disabled access and exit door designations were corrected, wit others suggesting that The Placebo and Empire Squared may soon suffer a similar fate, and,

Whereas, The Limited Industrial Zoning for the property allows activities substantially similar to that which are necessary for the creation of many forms of art, and,

Whereas, The Eureka Planning Commission is empowered under Sections 155-265 through 155-270 of the Zoning Ordinance to consider other uses that may be similar to those listed as permitted and to make a determination that these uses are similar and to authorize Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo to locate in this district, without going through the rigors of a Zoning Ordinance amendment, and,

Whereas, The generally run-down condition of this area and its dark, deserted nighttime streets can only be improved by these vital and needed programs locating in this area. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens call upon the Planning Commission to consider making a determination that Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo are uses similar to those permitted in the Limited Industrial Zoning District and allow the continuing co-location of Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared and The Placebo at their present Third Street locale. Be it further

Resolved, The Waterfront Greens offer their support, and urge other community members to support, whatever upgrades may be necessary to bring the Third Street facility up to fire code standards as soon as possible. Be it further

Resolved, The Historian of the Waterfront Greens shall transmit this resolution to Synapsis Gallery, Empire Squared, The Placebo, Ink People Center for the Arts, the Eureka Fire Marshall, the Eureka Zoning Administrator, Eureka City Manager David Tyson, the Eureka Planning Commission, the Eureka Arts and Culture Commission, the Eureka City Council, Humboldt Arts Council, Keep Eureka Beautiful, Emerald Regional Greens and the media


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