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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Eureka Greens Benefit

Dear Friends and Associates

Wednesday July 26th will be a festive event at Kelly O'Brien's club at 415 5th Street in Eureka (between E and F Street) There will be Art, Music, Speakers and more! Please come prepared to have some fun, cause this is NOT A MEETING! There will be a small admission price of $5.00 to experience some of the finest and rarest Artists and Musicians in Humboldt County. The Eureka Greens are proud to sponsor this event showcasing some of our most talented people living here behind the Redwood Curtain.

Bob Doran of the North Coast Journal wrote:

"My friend Peggy Martinez called to let me know I have another chance to hear her raggedy country outfit, Donny Barnyard and the Dust Devils, when they play next Wednesday, July 26, at Kelly O'Brien's as part of True Colors, a benefit for the Eureka Greens. I believe David G from The Widdershins put the event together (he's Green all the way). His band is playing, anyway, and he's also recruited singing chef Brett the Truck and songwriter Lisa Sharry. Peggy notes that she will probably be playing drums for everyone but Lisa. BTW, it's also a benefit art show with works by local artists including Blake Reagan and Jordan Wry for sale to benefit the party.

Haven't the local Greens been at each other's throats lately?
Perhaps if they'd just party together a little more the Party would be more harmonious. In fact maybe we could apply that rule internationally. We could all use a bit more partying and a lot less fighting."

Any Green Party member living in or around Eureka is hearby challenged to get involved and pitch in for the Real Greens of Humboldt County. If you truly want unity, then step up! Come show your True Colors and support your local Greens Chapter of Eureka!

Be Seeing You!

David Giarrizzo
Eureka Greens Delegate
Media Committee Spokesperson

Approved Minutes June 17 2006

Eureka Greens
Approved MEETING MINUTES - June 17, 2006
Minutes prepared byKaitlin Sopoci-Belknap

Eureka Greens in Attendance: Heidi Calton (facilitator), Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (notes), David Giarrizzo, Paul Dillon, Hannah Clapsadle, Jared Wilken, David Cobb, Harold Ricker

Guests/Observers: Mark Konkler, Jim Dorman, Martha Devine, Charles Douglas

I. Announcements
1. Mark requested that the Eureka Greens pass on a suggestion to the Arcata Greens to try to get at-large representation on the Arcata City Council if the city decides to move forward with chartering rather than by wards. He suggested that Eureka's experience with wards has not been entirely successful. Mark agreed to write a letter for us to send. He will send a email a copy to the attendees and we will discuss at our next meeting.

2. Heidi reported that we do not have enough money for the North Country Fair and need to pass the hat. She is pursing an extension with the Fair committee.

Secretary - Paul Dillon nominated Kaitlin. Approved by unanimous consensus. Xandra and Hannah offered to help Kailtlin.
Spokesperson - Kaitlin nominated Xandra. Approved by unanimous consensus.

III. Resolution “Condemning County Party Bylaws Violations”:
1. There was much discussion about this item, some of the points raised:
We should not accept anonymous submissions to our agendas - it puts us in a vulnerable position, who knows where this came from and what the author’s true intention is? (Kaitlin)
2. This would be more appropriate to be addressed at the Steering Committee level (Xandra)
3. This resolution is meant to be disruptive and negative. Need to move forward without anonymous attacks (David C.)
4. This resolution raises valid points, some people (named David C.) have been underhanded and manipulative (Paul D.)
5. What is the purpose of a resolution condemning other Greens? (Hannah)
6. We don’t have an adequate understanding of the current (county) bylaws to discuss this resolution (Xandra)
7. This is an issue that should be resolved by the General Assembly - where it started (Kaitlin)
8. The disagreements over Measure T generated a lot of animosity - we need to stop it so that we can move forward productively (David G.)
9. Mark Konkler asked that if this Resolution is approved that the Voter Confidence Committee be taken off as a party to receive it
10. The question was raised as to whether non-Greens should be allowed to talk at these meetings (Paul D.)
11. Without Leo on the Steering Committee we would have no representation from So. Hum. Also, there is much confusion about what happened and what should happen next. (Martha)
12. This is just a big misundertanding. Our bylaws are way too confusing. No ill-will meant by anyone. The press contacted the people who were quoted in recent articles - no one sent out a press release. Personally there is no problem with Martha & Leo serving on the Steering Committee (Kaitlin)
13. The change to the number of Steering Committee members was made at the Steering Committee level and will be addressed there at the next meeting. If no resolution is reached it will go on to the General Assembly (Heidi)
We ran over time on this item. No proposals were made, no action was taken and the Resolution was dropped.

IV. Bylaws Amendments (proposed by David Giarrizzo):
PROPOSAL A: (purpose - to ensure commitment to the Eureka Greens by voting members)
Article III. Membership
Section 2. Active Membership
ADD: 3.2-1 e. Attend at least three General Membership meetings in the past twelve (12) months.
This proposal did not have consensus. The vote was:
4 in favor (Paul D., David G., Heidi, and Xandra)
1 against (David C.)
4 abstentions (Hannah, Jared, Kaitlin, Harold)
This proposal did NOT pass.

A compromise was offered by Jared to change it from three meetings to two. With voting to be allowed at the second meeting.
This proposal did not have consensus. The vote was:
8 in favor (Heidi, David G., David C., Xandra, Paul D., Harold, Jared and Kaitlin)
1 abstention (Hannah)
This proposal DID pass.

PROPOSAL B: (purpose - redundant, this is already in the county bylaws)
Article IV. The General Membership Meeting
Section 2 - Duties and Authority
DELETE: The Local Delegate shall represent the Eureka Greens as a voting member of the County Steering Committee, if so recognized by the County General Assembly.
This proposal was passed with unanimous consensus.

PROPOSAL C: (purpose - to allow for greater flexibility to meeting changes)
Section 4 - Meetings
Change: 4-4.1 The Eureka Greens shall meet at least monthly, on the third Saturday at a time and place chosen by the Chair or a majority of other officers.
This proposal was passed with unanimous consensus.

CHANGE: 4-4.3 The meeting requires a quorum to take action on any proposal under its consideration. A quorum for the Eureka Greens shall consist of at least a simple majority of ten or more active members.
This proposal was withdrawn.

CHANGE: 4-4.5 A special meeting may be called by the Chair or by submission to the Secretary of a petition signed by 20 active members of the Eureka Greens, accompanied by the agenda of the meeting.
This proposal was withdrawn.

We ended this agenda item before we were done because we were over time. The following items were postponed until our next meeting:

Section 5 - Decision-making Process
CHANGE: 4-5.6 Any officer may exercise the right to exclude an individual who fails to honor the process and principles of the Green Party. With consensus (three-fourths majority fall-back votes), the General Membership Meeting may ratify this action if a written appeal is made at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.

Section 7 - Endorsements
CHANGE: 4-7.1 The General Membership Meeting reserves the right to make endorsements of candidates for public office on behalf of the Eureka Greens irrespective of any endorsements decisions reached by the GPHC or the GPCA. Preference should be given to candidates who are registered with the Green Party of California, and the stability and growth in the number and quality of Greens holding office shall be an ongoing concern.

Article V. Ratification and Amendment of Bylaws
Section 2 - Amendment Procedure
CHANGE: 5-2.1 Any proposed amendment to these Bylaws shall be submitted in electronic format the Secretary for review with no less than 14 days notice. Upon review an amendment may be considered at a regular meeting if included on the published agenda. An amendment shall take effect immediately upon the consensus or three-fourths majority vote by the General Membership Meeting of the Eureka Greens.

V. Fundraising Efforts
A. Block Party: Same time as Farmer’s Market in the Henderson Center neighborhood (near where Heidi lives). She will talk to her neighbors and give us an update at the next meeting. Backup would be in Xandra’s neighborhood.

B. (added) Garage Sale: Want to do this when the students get back (end of Aug/early Sept). Also would be good to do this in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market. Perhaps it could be rolled into the Block Party too? Heidi will talk with her neighbors about this idea. She will also look into somewhere to store the items in the weeks before the sale.

C. Tabling Schedule: Jared will contact the City of Eureka to find out if there are restrictions on tabling at Farmer’s Markets and Arts Alive. He will also contact Main Street to see if there is still room to table at the 4th of July event.

D. Tabling Materials: Heidi has these at her house. If anyone wants to table they should contact her. 834-1978.

E. Benefit Concert: David G. is the point person on this. He is looking at organizing something for July 26th. Venue options discussed were the Women’s Club and the Mateel. Also talked about doing an exchange with So. Hum bands and perhaps linking this to a gulch cleanup or Scotch Broom clearing party.



a. Candidate for Eureka City Council (3rd Ward)
b. Candidate for Eureka City Council (1st Ward)
c. Candidate for Eureka City Council (5th Ward)
d. Candidate for Eureka Mayor
e. Candidate for Humboldt County Supervisor, Fourth District
f. Positions for or against initiatives:
· Transportation Investment Fund
· Highway Safety, Traffic Reduction, Air Quality, Port Security Bond
· Housing and Emergency Shelter Trust Fund
· Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond
· Disaster Preparedness and Flood Prevention Bond
· Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond
· Sexually Violent Predators Punishment
· Residence Restrictions and Monitoring



Minutes prepared byKaitlin Sopoci-Belknap