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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Resolution Concerning the Proper Conduct of Voter Registration Efforts

Approved on May 27, 2006

Resolution of the Eureka Greens

a Local of the Green Party of Humboldt County (GPHC) covering Eureka, Myrtletown, Cutten, Pine Hill, Humboldt Hill and Samoa

Resolution Concerning the Proper Conduct of Voter Registration Efforts

Whereas, Efforts to register voters to join the Green Party were undertaken at the Godwit Days Festival and at the Sustainable Living, Arts and Music Festival in April under the direction of GPHC Steering Committee member Shaye Harty and Arcata Greens Vice Chair Fhyre Phoenix; and

Whereas, These efforts resulted in the submission to the Humboldt County Elections Division by Shaye Harty of 135 voter registration cards on behalf of Humboldt County residents who wished to join the Green Party; and

Whereas, According to Humboldt County Elections Manager Lindsey McWilliams, 92%, or 124 of the 135 voter registration cards submitted by Shaye Harty were invalid due to serious errors or omissions in required voter information, or due to the lack of signature from the person or persons helping voters fill out the forms, a violation of state election law; and

Whereas, This is the first time the GPHC has ever been contacted by the elections department regarding such a flagrant failure to comply with basic voter registration standards; and

Whereas, At the GPHC Steering Committee meeting of April 25, 2006, Shaye Harty was confronted with these facts and apologized to all present; and

Whereas, Shaye Harty also agreed to a unanimously adopted motion of the Steering Committee to rectify these matters by working with county elections to track down and re-register these voters, as well as reporting to Steering Committee members on a twice-weekly basis on the progress of these reparations; and

Whereas, Shaye Harty and Fhyre Phoenix failed to contact any members of the Steering Committee at any time since April 25 regarding any updates to her reparation efforts; and

Whereas, These activities constitute a serious breach of the standards and practices of the Green Party and a public embarrassment to the ongoing program to reach and register more Humboldt County residents into the Green Party. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Eureka Greens condemn the violation of state election law by Shaye Harty and Fhyre Phoenix in failing to sign voter registration forms they assisted in the completion of. Be it further

Resolved, The Secretary or other competent officer shall submit a complaint to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) regarding theis violation of state election law by Shaye Harty and Fhyre Phoenix. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens urge members to consider the recall of these individuals from their seats on the Steering Committee and the Arcata Greens. Be it further

Resolved, The Secretary shall transmit this resolution to the GPHC General Assembly and all other GPHC Locals, the Emerald Regional Representatives and all constituent county organizations, the GPCA State Coordinating Committee and Electoral Reform Working Group, County Clerk Carolyn Crnich, Elections Office Manager Lindsey McWilliams, the FPPC, all members of the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and Humboldt County Election Advisory Committee, the Voter Confidence Committee, Humboldt Voter’s Association, League of Women Voters of Humboldt County and all local media.


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