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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Resolution to Condemn Abusive Communications

Saturday, September 24, 2005

RESOLUTION of the Eureka Greens
a Local of the Green Party of Humboldt County (GPHC)
covering Eureka, Myrtletown, Cutten, Pine Hill, Humboldt Hill and Samoa

Resolution to Condemn Abusive Communications

Whereas, The platform for the Green Party of California (GPCA) specifically condemns “ those who own the media” as “inappropriate,” calling for “genuine citizen access” to express a “diversity of views,” and

Whereas, The Eureka Greens adopted a “Resolution to Promote Responsible Journalism and Scrutinize Biased Media” which attempted to address legitimate concerns regarding the treatment of the Green Party and its candidates by local media outlets while promoting the creation of healthy alternatives, and

Whereas, KSLG-FM and its morning disc jockey John Matthews have refrained from hosting further attacks upon local Greens by The Arcata Eye owner Kevin Hoover, who continues to deride Green Party organizers with personal attacks while ignoring the existence of open elections and the empowerment of rank-and-file members regarding the shape and implementation of Green policies, and,

Whereas, Humboldt Advocate owner Shawn Warford replied to a call to use responsible scrutiny regarding his publication and its advertisers with threats of legal action against the Eureka Greens and Green Party of Humboldt County (GPHC) Chair Greg Allen, an Arcata resident who has never attended a Eureka Greens meeting, for “intimidation and unfair trade practices,” and

Whereas, Eureka Greens Chair Paul Sanderson, along with Vice Chair Heidi Calton and Local Delegate David Giarrizzo authored a response to Warford’s editorial on September 10, 2005, entitled “Media Reform Seems to Interest All Sides,” which clarified the group’s position while inviting Warford to withdraw his de facto policy of exclusion and attack upon local Greens and welcoming participation in a media reform conference, and

Whereas, Warford’s Advocate has heretofore declined to publish “Media Reform Seems to Interest All Sides” despite hispledge to accept and publish critical responses, as well as having declined to publish the letter in response to Donn Filbert’s inaccurate and libelous statements concerning Green organizing, directed on July 30, 2005 by the GPHC General Assembly and submitted by Michael Smith to the Humboldt Advocate on August 13, 2005, and,

Whereas, Warford’s claim to not enforcing a de facto policy biased against the Eureka Greens does not stand up to the facts concerning his own behavior regarding the exclusion of Green Party members and organizers, and,

Whereas, The North Coast Journal on September 1 in an article entitled “The Story of ‘Jan Johnson’” detailed a series of threatening, lurid and personal messages sent to staff members of The Arcata Eye by a fictitious ‘Jan Johnson’ from a computer terminal within a few feet of the post held then by Warford at the Arcata Chamber of Commerce on the only day of the week he was at this station, and,

Whereas, The Arcata Chamber of Commerce terminated Warford’s employment in April, soon after receiving word of a criminal complaint filed with the Arcata Police Department regarding e-mail threats, and,

Whereas, Anonymous threats against former employers and current competitors, if proven, reflect a lack of restraint from violent communications and represent exactly the kind of irresponsible business practices which damage the reputation of legitimate participants in the media or in any other field of endeavor. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Eureka Greens thank John Matthews and KSLG-FM for having ceased to play host to unwarranted attacks against the Green Party and its candidates at any time after March 8, 2005 and urge continued dialogue towards improved mutual understanding. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens categorically reject the charges made by The Arcata Eye in an editorial on September 6, 2005 as indicative of the hateful attitude of Kevin Hoover towards individuals which he falsely conflates with the entire Green movement, and challenge him to witness a Eureka Greens meeting for himself before casting sweeping judgments upon people, some of whom he has never seen or met. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens call upon all Greens to continue the slowdown upon the Humboldt Advocate and itadvertisers with continued lobbying efforts to persuade Shawn Warford directly and through his associates to retract the de facto policy of exclusion against the Eureka Greens and other Green Party organizers in neighboring communities by the Humboldt Advocate. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens condemn any alleged or potential use of anonymity via the Internet to submit false, fraudulent or abusive communications with the possible intent of impersonating others, unduly swaying public opinion or terrorizing rival publications. Be it further

Resolved, The Secretary of the Eureka Greens shall transmit this resolution to all GPHC Locals, as well as all County organizations within the Emerald Region, the GPCA, all local media, the Humboldt Advocate and any remaining businesses and organizations which still advertise in the Humboldt Advocate.


Paul Sanderson, Chair
Eureka Greens, GPHC Local


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