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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Resolution to Promote Responsible Journalism and Scrutinize Biased Media

Saturday, July 23, 2005

RESOLUTION of the Eureka Greens

a Local of the Green Party of Humboldt County covering Eureka, Myrtletown, Cutten, Pine Hill, Humboldt Hill and Samoa

Resolution to Promote Responsible Journalism and Scrutinize Biased Media

Whereas, The platform for the Green Party of California (GPCA) specifically “demands that the concentration of power in the telecommunications industry be limited” through, in part, “...coverage of ALL candidates, whether they are from so-called "major" parties or smaller parties,” and that “everyone has a right to access of the various media for the free expression of their viewpoints,” and,

Whereas, The GPCA in general, and the Green Party of Humboldt County (GPHC) specifically, have faced a history of prejudicial treatment by media sources large and small, and a pervasive attitude of dismissiveness, hostility and even the intent to spread disinformation about Green issues and candidates from local media outlets, and,

Whereas, John Matthews of KSLG-FM stated on his radio program on March 8, 2005 that “I’ve never generally trusted the Green Party because they’re activists, they generally skew the truth," and,

Whereas, Kevin Hoover of The Arcata Eye stated on the same program on March 8, 2005 that the Green Party of Humboldt County is “a very insular, cloistered little group, I don’t think they have a grip on the bigger world,” and,

Whereas, Kevin Hoover also referred to the leadership of the Green Party as “loony toons” in a

March 1, 2005 article in The Arcata Eye, and,

Whereas, Three of the four Green Party candidates in the race for Arcata City Council in the Special Election of March 8, 2005 were given no opportunity to rebut malicious statements made by Kevin Hoover on the KSLG program hosted by John Matthews, despite requests by some to do so, and,

Whereas, In consecutive issues of the Humboldt Advocate on July 13 and 20, 2005, publisher Shawn Warford allowed unsubstantiated attacks, including numerous inaccuracies and libelous statements concerning Green organizing in Arcata and Humboldt County, to be promulgated by Donn Filbert without a reasonable opportunity for response, and,

Whereas, Greens acknowledge the previous reprehensible activities of The Arcata Eye and KSLG, while the Humboldt Advocate has demonstrated the most immediate example of hostility

to the free expression of Green values, and,

Whereas, Greens have the opportunity to promote solutions to biased media by supporting community-based endeavors rooted in openness, veracity, and an uncompromising commitment to challenging conventional wisdom, and,

Whereas, The Arcata Greens, a Local of the GPHC, have adopted a substantially similar version of this resolution and have called upon the Eureka Greens to do the same. Therefore be it

Resolved, The Eureka Greens urge consumers of media to assert their voice through these

community institutions in favor of greater transparency in the ownership, authority structure, news and editorial policies and workplace conditions of newspaper, radio, television and Internet outlets. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens applaud the steps taken towards the creation of a North Coast Independent Media Center as a healthy alternative for underreported perspectives to make themselves heard. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens call upon all Greens to use responsible scrutiny in considering the produce of the Humboldt Advocate, i.e. refusing to subscribe to, pick up or tune in their output in any way, shape or form until they are found to have retracted their de facto policy. Be it further

Resolved, The Eureka Greens also call upon all Greens to use greater scrutiny in relation to other businesses and organizations that choose to support, with advertising, the Humboldt Advocate,

i.e. informing these businesses of a slowdown and requesting these advertisers to cease support for the Humboldt Advocate until they are found to have retracted their de facto policy. Be it further

Resolved, The Secretary of the Eureka Greens shall transmit this resolution to all GPHC Locals, as well as all County organizations within the Emerald Region, the GPCA, all local media, the Humboldt Advocate and all businesses and organizations which continue to advertise in the Humboldt Advocate.


Paul Sanderson, Chair
Eureka Greens, GPHC Local


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