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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Eureka Greens Back Opposition to Measure T

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Attention: For Immediate Release

Eureka Greens Back Opposition to Measure T

Balloon Track vote, Marks and Gallegos all endorsed

Resolutions adopted to oppose use of Diebold machines in local elections
and support clean elections
between competing Greens

After nearly six months of impassioned debate from a diverse range of perspectives, the Eureka Greens unanimously agreed on Saturday to back opposition to Measure T, the initiative on the June ballot which would strip political rights from any corporation defined as “non-local.” The Eureka Greens were already on record since January 21 in support of the Humboldt Campaign Contribution Limitation Ordinance, which would limit contributions from any source for or against a particular candidate or their recall to $500.

An equal amount of exuberance in the opposite direction was apparent for the Eureka Waterfront Approval Ordinance, which received an affirmative endorsement without a single dissenter. The initiative has just entered circulation and several Eureka Greens members have already signed the petition to get it on the November ballot.

“I think the people should have a say over what happens on that land because any development on that land will affect our water,” Eureka Greens Chair Heidi Calton said. “The development has to be done properly.”

Endorsements were also issued in support of incumbent District Attorney Paul Gallegos in his re-election bid, as well as Richard Marks in a three-way race for 4th District Supervisor.

“I think it’s indicative of our maturity as a party to see the distinction between a pulp mill we have environmental concerns with and the workers who need living wage jobs,” Eureka Greens Local Delegate David Giarrizzo said. “I’m glad we can support a progressive candidate for Supervisor like Richard Marks, especially since he has such strong credentials with organized labor.”

In addition to the election of Manns as the new Vice Chair and further development of the Eureka Greens Legislative Agenda, two resolutions were approved regarding voting conduct. The Resolution Regarding the Use of Diebold in Local Elections calls for the use of hand-counted paper ballots instead of the vote tabulation machines maintained by the controversial corporation, while the Resolution Regarding Green Party Primary Elections asks all Green candidates to abide to clean election standards and to give back to their party once elected.

“It’s encouraging that we’re coming along so well and actually making a difference on these issues,” Eureka Greens Vice Chair Xandra Manns said.

Both resolutions will move forward for consideration by the General Assembly of all Green Party members in Humboldt County, to take place next Saturday at Humboldt State University. The next Eureka Greens meeting will be on May 20, 5:00 p.m.

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